Thursday, May 2, 2013

{ Shipping News }

I shipped my first sale today, for my long-time friend, Haley. Did you read my story in my Etsy profile about my first (and only) handmade bathing suit? That happened in Haley's pool. I'm thankful that my first order is from someone who saw my handmade bathing suit fall apart in 5th grade. Grace and feedback from a good friend is invaluable when trying something new and a little scary. She ordered my Kerchief Cowl in charcoal. I know she wears tons of gray, navy, and cream, so this will be a perfect addition to her classic and comfy Bay Area wardrobe!

Siah, my cat (#siahgirl on Instagram) was not happy to be locked out of the bedroom when there was tissue paper and yarn on the floor. That is her dream combination. I make sure to keep anything knitting related wrapped and sealed to avoid eager paws. 

Cheers to many more knitted goodies from emilygreeneblue on Etsy!